Top 100 YouTubers en Puerto Rico

Top 100 YouTubers in Puerto Rico


YouTubers in Puerto Rico a list of the most successful stars in Youtub

Top 100 YouTubers in Puerto Rico,  una lista de las estrellas más exitosas en Youtube
Top 100 YouTubers in Puerto Rico a list of the most successful stars in Youtube

Top 100 YouTubers in Puerto Rico | Last year in January we published Youtubers Puerto Rico How much do Youtubers earn? and we owed them a complete updated list of the personalities that are dominating the digital playing field in internet entertainment and therefore generating astronomical figures of money with their YouTube channels.

In the previous report we include some images of the most successful profiles of youtubers related to Puerto Rico. On this occasion, instead of some images and a link for you to know the 250 most successful youtubers in Puerto Rico, now we present 100 celebrities to them and we include a complete table that shows you to date how many videos uploaded, followers and number of observed videos of each of these personalities, who are mostly urban music artists, but there are also rock / ballads, salsa, tropical, religious, comedians, car brands, portals that collect other content up to wrestling. By touching each name you will be able to see updated channel statistics for your favorite artist.

The information I have compiled from the Social Blade portal, this data changes every moment because the artists publish, are followed and seen every minute what affects the statistics, that is why you will understand that the data provided in this post is as of the date of This writing at the end of 2021, if you want to see more current statistics, touch as we indicate the name of the artist whose performance you want to know on the YouTube platform.

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We have taken on the task of analyzing the data and letting you know our findings or conclusions, some will be known or expected and others will surprise you. In this post we are not focusing on how much money they make for viewing these videos, however we remind you that in our previous post YouTubers Puerto Rico How much do YouTubers earn? We explain in greater depth the variants for the generation of fortunes, what if we can tell you is that almost always the projected amounts are not necessarily those won, the commissions from YouTube and other circumstances almost always reduce to half the forecast of money that indicated.

We leave you with Top 100 YouTubers in Puerto Rico and look at the end of the list as you will find our analysis of the data and how we indicate some curiosities.

ArtistUploads SubscribersViews videos
Bad Bunny 9536.5M18,144,959,567
RauwAlejandroTv 8610.2M7,450,810,989
Ozuna 13434.3M19,687,306,171
Jowell & Randy 3782.53M1,229,129,232
 NickyJamTV 29022.7M14,744,715,279
Eladio Carrion 1081.96M776,628,115
Hear This Music 3813.8M7,971,820,676
 Arcangel 1639.81M3,947,409,515
Bryant Myers 607.54M2,578,402,449
 Jay Wheeler 833.98M1,921,810,423
Plan B 495.03M3,378,897,217
Mora 48988K556,510,628
Kitten Match 12134.3K18,545,222
Nio Garcia101.07M955,540,762
Kany Garcia951.69M1,166,234,562
Jamby El Favo572.19M634,416,655
Gilberto Santa Rosa21.12M1,080,289,192
Jerry Rivera Canal Oficial182943K782,830,595
DJ Nelson1001.07M625,731,511
Ele A El Dominio832.37M598,269,545
Elvis Crespo20916K696,559,413
Cultura Profética Oficial2091.02M372,924,270
Tito “El Bambino”1812.05M846,349,255
De La Ghetto732.65M979,765,339
WILLIE GONZALEZ63191K160,128,575
Rafa Pabon39243K176,890,265
Lenny Tavarez462.84M710,124,946
Hyundai Puerto Rico1133.97K29,068,217
El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico24170K124,165,941
Gigolo Y La Exce42645K278,824,445
Christian Daniel Oficial23888K300,424,306
Yaga & Mackie164127K123,711,097
Samuel Hernandez112512K206,370,347
Rimas Music612.02M1,015,319,997
Los G454951K362,409,884
Alvaro Diaz48206K72,072,449
Chente Ydrach Clips2,105282K71,180,239
Norberto Vélez121192K56,812,746
Gotay El Autentiko62588K272,391,488
Atención Atención – Videos y can…206292K140,221,580
VF7 PR43434K83,584,113
Chente Ydrach1,616852K155,739,308
Son By 4171416K358,413,196
Desiree Lowry293557K58,757,202
Young Martino12146K116,286,611
Full Harmony30208K155,474,841
Paquito Guzman3659.9K20,757,895
Chris Andrew874.6K31,617,456
Benny Benni187634K219,899,321
Roberto Lugo83171K126,186,327
Arcangel Tube69390K290,016,445
Leebrian Official31150K71,971,285
Ismael Miranda558K42,754,004
White Lion Records54147K59,296,280
Lucha Libre Online5,428354K99,087,432
Conjunto Chaney9730.8K24,707,466
Louis Emmanuell Vidal2274.8K1,205,668
Ingrid Rosario Music34250K140,328,695
Waldys Off Road1,019152K41,219,106
Franco El Gorila11195K69,855,555
Heejin’s Puzzle681.4K1,258,376
Andrés Jiménez3115K5,875,695
Daniel El Travieso Musica182.01M111,645,685
Trap House Latino264470K21,554,880
Sammy & Falsetto63559K198,307,223
Green Cookie2881.5K48,862,869
Villaa Sketch128164K39,803,361
Joyce Santana2147.5K25,627,002
Top 100 YouTubers in Puerto Rico

Although I should start with Bad Bunny, who is at the top of the list, I cannot get the statistics of Gilberto Santa Rosa out of my head, it is indicated that he has two published videos (uploads) and my first reaction is that that cannot be correct, when I look at their channel, there are hundreds of videos but only two are registered in the Social Blade statistics, to which I can think that they are cataloged in a particular way so as not to earn money or they have not managed to reach certain parameters, even so Santa Rosa must be generating over $ 200,000 thousand (* $ 1M according to full estimate) a year through his Gilberto Santa Rosa channel on You Tube, if someone who reads knows him, tell him to verify because he should be recording more, in my opinion. Returning to Bad Bunny that appears number one but this is because Daddy Yankee’s channel has the United States as the selected country, the statistics of both are well closed but Yankee doubles the number of videos of the bad rabbit and is a channel founded before the del Bunny, however when it comes to earnings Bad Bunny is at 900,000 ($ 1.6M estimate) per month compared to Daddy Yankee who is at 300.00 (591.4K estimate) per month.

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Having two channels is a good strategy implemented by some (such as Daniel El Travieso Musica | DANIEL EL TRAVIESO VIDEOS or Arcangel | Arcangel Tube} allows them to diversify their earnings and specific contact with the public. A curious detail that stands out are various company brands such as Mueblerías Berrios that generates $ 40 thousand dollars ($ 82.1K estimated) per year, Hiunday PR is at 200,000 ($ 374.7K estimated) and Banco Popular charges about 150,000 thousand dollars a year ($ 206.6K estimated). The internet, Web 2.0 and social networks have been a liberator for artists and businesses because these platforms allow generating capital at times without having to make a large investment, they are excellent means of distribution and although it entails for youtubers, influencers and artists to expose a lot of Your privacy and information for third parties, helps a greater income capacity for artists who can decipher your market

Se pueden incluir imágenes de perfiles en Facebook, la red y otros medios. son utilizadas para ampliar la experiencia del lector. Javier Martínez  es artista multidisciplinario de Puerto Rico

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